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Who We Are

The Red Rock Historical Association is a growing 501C3, which by legal tax terms means we are a financially nonprofit organization. However, we know that when we are successful, our efforts will be profitable to the North East Texas communities in ways that cannot be measured by money.

Recent events have brought to the forefront how “separate but equal” was more of a slogan than an achievement. Almost daily the nation discovers another decades-old, long-forgotten, never-recognized accomplishment or milestone that was achieved by an African American or in the African American community. The primary purpose of the Red Rock Historical Association is to preserve, document, and highlight the achievements of local (covering the entire northeast Texas region) history makers. We know that a movie like The Great Debaters (2007 film starring Denzel Washington based on an article written about the Wiley College debate team, in Marshall, TX) cannot be made about every David-and-Goliath story in our communities. We know that not everyone will grow up to be the next Bessie Coleman (born in Atlanta, TX, was the first African American woman to hold a pilot license in 1921 and the first African American person to earn an international pilot’s license) or the next Forest Whitaker (an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner born in Longview, TX). So we want to honor and recognize the past and present local leaders who were / are no less inspirational.


The Red Rock Historical Association is dedicated to fulfilling a need in the community. While other agencies are available to address primary needs like food and shelter, none seem to have consistent program and services that address educational and communal facets of a community that are equally as necessary for viability. The small underserved communities are disappearing and very little attempt has been made to collect and preserve the life-styles and contributions of these citizens. In this loss, society negates their existence and devalue the pride that is brought by knowing and understanding the importance of citizen’s contributions and opening the door to unification and acceptance.  Since there is virtually no written documentation of the people of these overlooked communities who put in the work to build the country, this senior generation must be the recorders or those lives will disappear forever.


In the museum, family histories will be displayed through collected photos, documents, and artifacts from times past. A reading library will be filled with literary works of African Americans and by African Americans for pre-school through adult reading levels and a research center with equipment for researching and building family trees.   The community center will be a place where library competitions, music/dance recitals, art display, film festivals, health fairs, wellness workshops and other events will be held.  This facility will help sustain the complex financially through rental for parties, weddings, reunions and other celebrations.  This service facility will bring revenue to this small town, a little more enlightenment to all who will experience our museum and pride to the people of the community.

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