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Our vision is to build a premier facility that will contain a museum and interpretive center, and a cultural activity center.


The Museum / Interpretive Center

The Museum / Interpretive Center will have six pods to highlight some of the milestones African Americans from Northeast Texas. The pods are: Education, Religion, Industrialization, Domestication, Entrepreneurship, and a Special Interest pod that will have a rotating display.


This facility will have state-of-the-art technology to help its visitors understand, appreciate and interpret the recognized achievements in context of time and challenges.

The Cultural Activity Center

The Cultural Activity Center will be a facility available for non-profit and for profit, individuals and organizations, public and private groups to use. It will have meeting rooms, as well as a large assembly or great room.


Working in partnership with community resources, we will have space to offer periodic health and education services directly in the community.


The Cultural Activity Center will have outdoor recreational facilities and a tranquility arboretum.

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